Monday, July 26, 2010

And it didn't stop spinning

(via Art Pixie)

I can totally relate to the image above, aha! Watched Inception yesterday with HuiEn. We had planned to catch Despicable Me but there aren't any good seats left and so we ended up watching Inception! At first I was a bit disappointed because I had been wanting to watch Despicable Me (cuz of its good reviews from many people) but now I don't feel a single regret. Why? BECAUSE INCEPTION IS FREAKING, FREAKING, FREAKING FANTASTIC. Best movie I had watched this year, so I'm sure it's better than Despicable Me! Although the ending is really, really, really !@!$@$%$% (refer to the image above, LOL) One sad thing: Leonardo DiCaprio had aged :( Well other than that everything's awesome! 100% recommending the movie, even though I got a headache at first cuz I was kinda confused at the start. I actually cried at some parts but HuiEn never notice, LOL. I won't talk about the details of the movie, you guys will have to watch it yourself, I don't wanna be a spoiler! ^^
HuiEn's talking about going back to Blogskins, haha, she was once there five years ago? Haha x)
Didn't go to school today, decided to take a rest at home and finish all my homework. I'm a little tired though, slept my noob way through till 1pm, I'm awesome, haha.